Shepherd's Bush Market Tenants Ask Residents to Sign Petition

Help secure "ethnically diverse, independent and unique businesses"

A petition launched by Shepherd's Bush Market Tenants Association, or SBMTA, to save the market from redevelopment, has already gathered over 5,000 signatures, plus many messages of support from local people.

The petition reads as follows:

For over 100 years, the independent traders of Shepherds Bush Market have kept the open-air stalls and railway arches open for business, rain or shine. Famed for its broad offering of exotic foods, fabrics, jewellery, fashion and much more, all for good value, it is one of London's well loved and frequented markets.

Many of the businesses within this 100+ year old market are family-run, and have been passed down from generation to generation.

The SBMTA - Shepherd's Bush Market Tenants' Association have strived for many years to raise awareness to protect and secure this exceptional community of ethnically diverse, independent, and unique businesses.

In 2014, Transport for London sold the market to redevelopers Orion Land & Leisure, for the development of a private block of 200+ luxury flats adjoining Shepherd’s Bush Market.

In the 12 months that have followed, over 10% of the Market businesses have closed down, and the remaining businesses' livelihoods are being threatened.

The redeveloper’s scheme is removing the tenants' security and forcing additional costs and liability onto the Market businesses.

It is wrong that the Shepherd's Bush Market Businesses should be compromised.

Please sign this petition to show your support for the SBMTA and the businesses of Shepherd's Bush Market, and help us in our battle to protect and preserve these valuable, long-standing, independent businesses.

If you would like to add your signature and message to the petition, you could do so here.

Artist's impression of Shepherd's Bush Market

Computer generated image of redeveloped market

October 12, 2015