Valentine's Day Kittens Looking For Love

Meet Amour, Upendo, Agapi, Amore, Liebe and Lyubov

Six kittens born at a local animal rescue home on Valentine's Day have all been given names to match the special occasion.

Each of the tiny creatures, born at the Mayhew Animal Home on 14th February, has been given a name meaning love in various languages: Amour (French), Upendo (Swahili), Agapi (Greek), Amore (Italian), Liebe (German) and Lyubov (Russian).

The mother cat, who is now named Valentine Love, gave birth to the six healthy kittens at the home after being rescued by the centre's welfare officer. She was found walking the streets in a heavily pregnant state.

Mayhew animal welfare officer, Claire Harper, said: "It is wonderful that this story has such a happy ending and that on the one day of the year where we all have love on our mind, these beautiful kittens were born in a cattery decorated with hearts and flowers for the 14th!

"The mother, Valentine Love, was extremely heavily pregnant when I found her and there probably wouldn't have been such a happy ending had she given birth on the streets.

"We don't know if this cat has an owner, but many people do let their cats outside without thinking of the consequences of them not being neutered and how they are contributing to the high numbers of unwanted kittens."

Mayhew vets will neuter the Valentine's kittens when they are nine weeks old, after which they will be available for adoption. Anyone interested in taking one in should call The Mayhew from April 19 on 0208 969 0178.

The Mayhew, which is just off Scrubs Lane on the outskirts of W12, is one of the busiest animal sanctuaries in London and rescues thousands of animals from cruelty and neglect each year.

February 18, 2010

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