Police Bring Car to a Halt By 'Tactical Contact' on Askew Road

Suspected drug dealer had been pursued across West London

Police Bring Car to a Halt By 'Tactical Contact' on Askew Road
Two police cars hem in the suspect's vehicle. Picture: Met Police

Police apprehended a suspect drug dealer in Shepherd’s Bush this Wednesday evening (3 June) by driving one of their vehicles into his car.

The Mercedes car had activated an ANPR camera on the eastbound section of the A4 at around 6pm but when police tried to stop the vehicle the driver made of and contact was initially lost.

At approximately 6.45pm the car was spotted again and made off. A police pursuit was initiated and after around 5 minutes officers from the Met’s Operation Venice team used tactical contact to safely bring the car to a halt in Askew Road, W12.

The driver, a 31-year-old man, was arrested for possession with intent to supply class A and B drugs; dangerous driving; driving while under the influence of drugs and failing to stop for police. He remains in custody.

PC Clem Jones from the Operation Venice team said, “Our officers are highly trained and used their skill to carry out a tactical contact, ensuring this pursuit was concluded in a safe manner for the public and the driver.

“Op Venice officers, along with our colleagues in Met, are committed to ensuring those who engage in serious crime are apprehended and put before the courts.”

June 3, 2020