Cleverly Estate Property Closed By Police

SNT received numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour

A Safer Neighbourhoods Team has used new legislation to close down a local property after neighbours complained repeatedly about anti-social behaviour there.

The Wormholt and White City SNT closed down the property on the Cleverly Estate on February 5th
in the first case of its kind in the borough.

The team were approached by the Peabody housing association's Community Safety Team after they had received numerous complaints of disorder and anti-social behaviour at the property. Neighbours had complained not just about the tenant but about visitors to the property too.

Officers went through police records and compiled a full case file for an application to be made under Part 1A of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003. This relatively new piece of legislation has evolved from the original 'crack house' closures. The legislation gives the Police and their partners the power to close properties on the grounds of anti-social behaviour alone, although the power relates to the property rather than the occupant.

Peabody Community Safety Officer Laura England said: “Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable in our communities and we will move swiftly to help put an end to it. Working jointly with the Police and Hammersmith and Fulham council, we're thrilled to have achieved this closure order. Those in the local community will now be able to enjoy their homes in peace and feel safe again.”

The Cleverly Estate property has been closed for an initial 3 month period, with a possible extension of up to another 3 months. The use of this power is regarded by the courts as a last resort, and officers have to prove that they made attempts to engage with the tenant and to use other methods before such an order is granted.

PC Gareth Davies from the Wormholt & White City Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: “We are very proud to lead the way in the use of this legislation. It requires people to take responsibility not only for their own behaviour, but for others living at or visiting their home. This latest power further enables the Police and our partners to take the fight to the doorstep, and beyond, of those who live their lives with no regard or respect for others. We will not tolerate it.”

22 February 2010