New Policing "Model" Begins on Monday

Borough Commander Lucy D' Orsi writes to explain new arrangements

Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Commander Lucy D'Orsi has written a message to local people on her blog explaining the new policing "model" which comes into force on Monday.

She says: " Monday 24th June 2013 signals the start of probably the biggest change in how we police London in quite some time.

" The Local Policing Model aims to put more uniformed officers on the streets on foot or pedal cycle tackling local crime and anti social behaviour. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for us to build upon the reductions in crime of the last couple of years that we’ve achieved.

" In some ways we are connecting back to some of the ideas of 180 odd years ago when the 'Police of the Metropolis' started.

" However, we also have to develop new ways of policing in the modern world using technology and policing smarter. I am conscious that one of the areas of the LPM that has caused some local concern is the closure of, or reduction in opening hours of our front counters at police stations.

" I completely understand these concerns, however we need to ensure that we are making best use of our resources by having officers on the beat, not in police stations with a very small footfall of people attending each day.

" With that in mind, on Monday, as has already been publicly discussed the following changes will take place:

" Shepherds Bush Police Station front counter will close. Fulham Police Station front counter will reduce its opening hours to Tuesday to Friday 9am to 5pm with opening hours 12 noon to 8pm Saturday and closed on Sunday, Monday.

" Hammersmith Police station front counter will remain open 24 hours each every day.

"All police stations remain operational with police officers working out of each of them, this is just a change to the front counters.

" Instead of you coming to us, we very much want to come to you if you need our services. When you need us, where you need us.

" We can be contacted by phone, online or by speaking to us on patrol.

" Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t continue to drive down crime without your help."


June 21, 2013