Consultation over Police Station Closures Branded a Sham

One hour session on February 5 "not enough time for residents to comment"

Labour London Assembly Member Nicky Gavron has branded Mayor Boris Johnson's consultations over proposed changes to police stations across London a "complete sham".

The cost cutting plans, which aims to reduce the Met's annual buget by £500 million involves the closure of 65 front counters across the capital, the sale of 200 buildings and the loss of 1,500 police staff. In our borough it means closing the public access front counter at Shepherd's Bush police station, reduce opening times at Fulham and change the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

The Hammersmith and Fulham consultation is 6pm -7pm on Tuesday Feb 5 at the Town Hall, King Street. Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Stephen Greenhalgh will be attending the local consultation.

" The Police and Crime Consultation will only last one hour and Boris’ Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime intends on packing in two of these sessions every night.

"This is a complete sham and doesn’t give residents enough time to digest the plans and comment on all of the areas that will be covered," says Nicky Gavron.

She says that last month, Boris was questioned directly at Mayor’s Question Time about the consultation, but refused to extend the one hour that has been allotted to each borough.

She adds: " This is a deliberate strategy to push through plans that the Mayor has already made – to close Shepherds Bush police station/front-counter and reduce the number of officers in Hammersmith and Fulham.

" I encourage all residents to attend this consultation session and exercise their right be heard about how they want policing in London to look in the future. This is their chance to make their voices heard."



January 28, 2013