Women Planning First Baby Asked to Take Part in Study

And help investigators find out more about pre-eclampsia

Local women who are planning to have a first baby are being asked to take part in a new study into pre-eclampsia taking place at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital in Du Cane Road.

Pre-eclampsia is a serious problem in pregnancy which is a major cause of mortality of both mother and baby.

Investigators at Imperial College London and Cambridge University, who are running the study, are trying to understand whether changes of circulation in early pregnancy are linked to the development of pre-eclampsia.

They have launched the CONCEIVE study and are calling on women who are planning their first pregnancy to join the study. They will do simple, safe, non-invasive tests taking approximately one hour) and take blood and urine samples at six visits prior to, during and after pregnancy.

The study will follow the new mother up until after delivery, so that any subtle links between their pre-pregnant state and pregnancy outcomes can be established.

The findings of CONCEIVE could potentially help doctors recognise those at risk of developing pre- eclampsia.

Women who participate in the study will receive ovulation and pregnancy testing kits and will also be offered extra ultrasound scans of their baby.  They will have to attend Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital for their study visits, but do not necessarily have to book their pregnancy there.

For any queries, or to join the study, contact the team at conceive@imperial.nhs.uk or telephone 07714051359.


March 2, 2015