"Beware of Doorstep Con Men"

Residents offered stickers to deter unwanted callers

Hammersmith and Fulham Council is warning residents to beware of con men on their doorsteps.

Cllr Greg Smith said: “The Council would never arrive at a residence unannounced, without identification, or ask for cash. All our workers always arrive with an appointment, and would always provide identification.

We urge all our residents to exercise caution with regard to any kind of attempts at door-to-door exploitation, and to stay safe in their homes; if in doubt, residents should alert the police on 999.”

The council’s Trading Standards regard doorstep crime as a high priority and would like residents to report any incidents directly to the team on: 020 8753 1081, as well as calling 999, where necessary.

As part of the ongoing National Doorstep crime campaign, rading Standards have also devised a doorstep sticker for residents to deter doorstep callers. For further information residents can contact Hammersmith & Fulham Trading Standards by emailing:trading.standards@lbhf.gov.uk or calling: 020 8753 1081.

The Council wants to make sure that residents know that they have a legal right to say no and should not feel pressurised into buying goods or services or even worse, inviting a stranger into their home.

Stickers are available, either by ringing the number above or by sending your name and address to the above email and quoting ‘doorstep’ in the subject heading.

December 18, 2013